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Introducing the Tableau Blueprint methodology.

The Tableau Blueprint is your methodology for success. Based on every aspect of becoming data-driven and focused on separate topics to help you guide towards a perfect data culture. 
Discover how we adopted the Tableau Blueprint to build our services

Tableau Blueprint - A perfect partnership

When Tableau released the Blueprint it became clear that this should be a core part of our offer to strengthen our partnership. We run the Blueprint in close collaboration with Tableau and enable the same language for our clients. Find more info on the Tableau Blueprint here.

Discover how we adopted the Tableau Blueprint to guarantee customer success.

Blueprint is a free service

When you are a Biztory client, we will onboard you into a Blueprint program. Free of charge, on us.


Tailored for you

We want to create actual return on your investment with us. Customer happiness is important.

Discover how we share our Tableau expertise with you via our Tableau Blueprint adoption

Sharing our expertise

We've done it hundreds of times and want to share our Biztory lessons learned with you. Making you successful from the go.

Discover how our Tableau Blueprint helps you with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

Moving towards a data culture is a journey. We're here to move you into the right direction.

Discover how our Analytics Strategy maps out on our Tableau Blueprint adoption

How do we deploy Blueprint? Let's talk strategy.

We will talk about the vision of your digital transformation. What existing platforms are we looking at? Where do you need us to scope potential use cases and is there already a Center of Excellence in place? 

Discover how our involvement maps out on our Tableau Blueprint adoption

We need your involvement and advocacy.

Once an exec team is in place we can start building tasks and workstreams following the blueprint. An easy way is to start prototyping with our labs.

We approach things in a unique way and have designed several specific kick-start approaches that will answer your needs. We love to engage in a specific case, connect to data and answer burning business questions on the spot.

We take our approach serious

We will onboard you into our Project Management platform and provide you access with our interactive Tableau dashboards to track your progress.

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Get inspired by our stories, use-cases and approach.



We have designed various Labs and Workshops to provide you with a unique experience.



We rely heavily on our Biztory Blueprint methodology and offer you a transparent view on your journey.

We mapped services approach to the blueprint.

Our consultancy approach moves from Labs for prototyping, Workshops for tightly scoped content and consultancy for all support you would need.