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Why You should start with a Lab?

We love to prototype together with our customers. In an Engage Lab, we gather around the table, have a look at your data, download the tool, and prototype together with you, answering questions as we go. The goal is to provide you insight and clear understanding how this software works. We show how you can use it yourself.

Biztory Labs have no predefined outcome, which often times makes it very interesting to see how far we come by building prototypes together. Based on the foundation we create here, we can define further steps towards success.

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Why Engage with Workshops?

We approach things in a unique way and have designed several specific kick-start approaches that will answer your needs. We love to engage on a specific case, connect to data and answer burning business questions on the spot.

Our engage workshops deliver insight that we will share with you. Quick wins, goals and a roadmap of your project are defined in various workstreams. We provide you with transparant insight in every step.

How we help with Consultancy

Move from data to insight to action with Europe’s leading analytics team. We are deeply passionate about helping you find answers in data easier and faster. Using industry-leading tools like Tableau, we help you unleash the power of your most valuable assets: your data and your people.

If you are looking for inspiration and collaboration on any kind of analytics — from self-service to externally-facing — then look no further! We are Tableau Gold and EMEA Partner of the Year with offices across the European region, our experienced team is the home of Tableau’s Iron Viz champions and certified consultants. We are ready to help you.