The webinar will be held on Tuesday 30 November (instead of Thursday 25 November). Our apologies for any inconvenience!

Become data-driven.

Access to world-class analytics tools has created a great shift in the data economy enabling all to question and interpret data to make their own decisions. We believe the next milestone for analytics ubiquity is in providing those users access to all of their data, not just what's readily available.

In this 30 minute session we'll uncover how you can access new datasets quickly and easily to supercharge your analysis. Get the skinny on our latest partner technologies and unlock more potential in your data economy.

About Tableau.

As the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, the Tableau platform is known for taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping. Plus, the industry-leading enablement resources, training, and global data community offer unparalleled support for our customers and their analytics investments.

Your knowledge expert

Having cut his teeth in geospacial analytics Luke spent the last 5 years specialising in helping customers see and understand their data. Now he leads our UK sales team applying his passion for insights to create functional and accessible analytics data warehouses for all. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to Luke if you have any questions.

UK Account Manager
Luke Slater
Luke Slater