Advanced Skill-Up: Dashboard Actions

Learn how to add context and interactivity to your data using actions. Actions are a powerful way to make your dashboard more dynamic, interactive and fun to use.

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Build more dynamic, interactive and fun to use dashboards with Tableau Actions

Want to build better dashboards for your organisation? Tableau Actions are the answer.

During this Advanced Skill-up we are going to cover the different actions within Tableau. Actions in Tableau are very important as they make your dashboard dynamic, interactive and fun to use. Here's an overview of what will be covered:

  • Filter. Learn to see the data from one view to filter data in another to help guide analysis.

  • Highlight. Call attention to marks of interest by coloring specific marks and dimming all others.

  • Go to URL. Create hyperlinks to external resources, such as a web page, file, or another Tableau worksheet.

  • Go to Sheet. Simplify navigation to other worksheets, dashboards, or stories.

  • Change Parameter. Let users change parameter values by directly interacting with marks on a viz.

  • Change Set Values. Let users change the values in a set by directly interacting with marks on a viz.


How will you benefit from this Advanced Skill-up?

Everyone can build a dashboard these days. It really isn't that hard anymore.

But still only a few have mastered the skill of building attractive dashboards that are dynamic, interactive and fun to use. With Tableau Actions your audience can interact with your Tableau visualizations and drill down into the data easily.

 During this Advanced Skill-up, we'll take you on a deep-dive in Tableau Actions. We'll teach you how to use the different types of actions and how you can make your dashboards stand out form the crowd.


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Your Inspiring Host

Alexander Philipeit
Analytics Consultant & Account Manager