Embedded Analytics Mini Series (2/6): Solutions Architecture

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution? If the answer is yes, Part 2/6 of our Embedded Analytics Webinar Mini-Series is for you. Here, you'll learn what a modern data architecture for embedded analytics looks like.

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Build your embedded analytics solution with the right architecture

Given data’s high demand and complex landscape, data architecture has become increasingly important for organisations that are embarking on any data-driven project—including embedded analytics. Before you embed new analytics, dashboards, or reporting capabilities in your software, you need to carefully design a data architecture with analytics in mind.


Because a poorly conceived data strategy can negatively impact the response time and performance of your entire application. We're here to help you avoid such a scenario.


How will you benefit from this webinar?

This online webinar is the 2nd part of the Embedded Analytics Webinar Mini Series: Making the most of your data. Part 2/6 will provide you with a deeper understanding of what a modern data architecture for your embedded analytics solution looks like.

What does the architecture for embedding Tableau look like? We’ll discuss the difference between Tableau Server and Tableau Online. We’ll also look at considerations and approaches for scaling Tableau, and how to size your solution for embedded workloads.

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Your Inspiring Host

Timothy Vermeiren
Analytics Consultant