Embedded Analytics Mini Series (4/6): Data Pipelines

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution? If the answer is yes, Part 4/6 of our Embedded Analytics Webinar Mini-Series is for you. Here, you’ll learn how to build efficient data pipelines for your embedded analytics solution.

23 Jul 2020
11.00am - 12.00pm CET

10.00am - 11.00am BST


Build efficient data pipelines for your embedded analytics solution

Modern data architecture is driven by new business requirements (speed, agility, volume) and new technology. You choose whether to provide access to the data in place or enrich data with other sources. Combine this with cloud solutions that allow for infrastructure and services to spin up data pipelines in hours, and what you have is a process for moving data around for your embedded analytics solution like never before.

In short, building efficient data pipelines are an absolute necessity for today's embedded analytics solution.


How will you benefit from this webinar?

By joining this free webinar, you'll get inspired by the possibilities of embedded analytics solutions with Tableau, and how to lay down a dedicated infrastructure for data pipelines to migrate your data efficiently for your embedded analytics solution.

In order to embed Tableau in your application you’ll need to connect to your data. We’ll look at the tools Tableau provides with Tableau Server and Tableau Online, as well as Tableau Prep. Finally we’ll look at Tableau’s APIs for building data pipelines.

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Your Inspiring Host

Connell Blackett
Analytics Consultant