Embedded Analytics Mini Series (3/6): Visualisation

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution? If the answer is yes, Part 3/6 of our Embedded Analytics Webinar Mini-Series is for you. Here, you'll learn how to build data visualisations for your applications that stand out from the crowd.

16 Jul 2020
11.00am - 12.00pm CET

10.00am - 11.00am BST


Empower your users through better data visualisations

Visualising data in your application is a great first step. But how do you get it to a next level?

Bringing your visualisations from "good" to "great" takes time, patience and attention to detail. Visualising data in a customer facing dashboard is usually not as easy as it might seem. Doing it in a way that empowers those users to make better data-informed decisions fast is even more challenging.


How will you benefit from this webinar?

This online webinar is the 3rd part of the Embedded Analytics Webinar Mini Series: Making the most of your data. During this webinar you'll learn how to bring your embedded data visualisations from "good" to "great" and how to offer an embedded analytics solution that really stands out from the crowd. Designing visualisations for embedded use-cases requires special considerations. We’ll share best-practices for branding, user experience, and responsive design. We’ll look at examples of visualisations in a demo application to show you what is possible.


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Your Inspiring Host

Connell Blackett
Analytics Consultant