Inspire Chat: Customers for life

Discover how Biztory continuously tries to create customers for life. How and why was the Customer Success track created? How does this program look like? Discover all of this during our live inspire chat!

20 Oct 2020
11:30 AM > 12:00 PM CET

Live session.


How can we ensure that we constantly meet the expectations and demands of our customers, showing that Biztory can remain committed to quality service? Discover how we approach our customers with our learn - adapt - build methodology, and how the Tableau Blueprint fits into this picture to already answer the what's next questions.

Join us during this live inspire sessions to understand:

  • What our learn - adapt - build methodology looks like
  • How Customer Success helps customers creating a data culture
  • What the future looks like by adding Fivetran and Snowflake
  • Why strategy session are becoming more and more important
  • What we try to achieve during our Inspire sessions
  • The different between inspire and engage

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Matthias Goossens
Customer Success Manager


Geoffrey Smolders
Managing Partner