Inspire Chat: Embedded Analytics on Mobile

How can you get money out of your data? Watch this Inspire Chat to see Biztory Experts outline strategies to discover embedded analytics opportunities on mobile.

17 Aug 2020
11.30am - 12.00pm

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When business owners create mobile or desktop applications for their business, it usually generates a huge amount of data both from user inputs and also from the information that it gathers from various processes. If your application can really use this data collected from various sources in a way that can add value to the users, your business application will definitely become stickier, which means more traffic and leads in such a competitive market.

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Integrating embedded analytics in your mobile apps allows you to focus on your core competencies and not just report building. It helps to bring faster time to market, bring competitive advantage and also generate revenues in different streams.




Luke Slater
Account Manager UK


Geoffrey Smolders
Managing Partner