Tableau APIs & Repository

Making your Tableau Server work for you! Discover how you can automate the management of a self-service Tableau environment using the Tableau APIs and the Tableau Server database.

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Making your Tableau Server work for you!

Learn everything about automating tedious tasks and programmatically manage Tableau Server content, including workbooks, data sources, and users.

In this 1-hour skill-up, we'll walk you through the following topics:

    Programmatic access to work with your content, users, sites and more.
  • Document API
    Programmatically modify Tableau files.
  • Hyper API
    Create custom scripts that interact with extract (.hyper) files.
  • Extract API
    Create custom scripts that pull your data into Tableau data extracts.
  • Webhooks API
    Notifications of Tableau events to your external application or workflow.
  • APIs and their integration with the underlying Tableau Repository
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Your Inspiring Host

Praveen Sam
Analytics Consultant