Prep Builder in the browser

Join us during this 1-hour free skill-up to show see and understand the capabilities of Tableau Prep in the browser. Is this the start of your move to cloud only?

27 May 2021
11AM - 12PM CET

Virtual GoToWebinar session


Prep Builder in the browser

With more people needing access to data than ever before, Tableau Prep empowers everyone in an organization to easily prepare their data, now all in one convenient and integrated platform on the web.

Why would this be interesting for Analysts?

Easily create and edit data prep flows all within web authoring—all you need is access to a browser. Say goodbye to context switching between the desktop to create your flows, and then Server or Online to publish and share them.

Why would this be interesting for IT?

Prep Builder can now be centrally managed on your server, simplifying deployment, license management, and version control. Without the need to manage individual desktops, IT admins can now upgrade their server to get everyone in the organization on the latest version in one go. 


Don't hesitate to join this 1-hour webinar to learn more about:

  • How to access Prep Builder in the browser
  • Functionalities and differences with Tableau Prep that's locally installed 
  • How to save your flows
  • How to run and schedule flows on the Tableau Server
  • Advantages and disadvantages of working with Prep Builder in the browser

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Your Inspiring Host

Damien Arazi
Analytics Consultant