Start Embedding!

More and more companies are driving customer engagement and delight by sharing data and insights with their customers. If you are exploring integrating reporting and analytics functionality into your existing software applications, it’s time to learn more about how Tableau embedded analytics can make your product shine.

4 Mar 2021
11AM - 12PM CET

Virtual GoToWebinar session


Start Embedding!

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution that can add powerful reporting directly into your applications, products, or web portals? If the answer is yes, this 1-hour online skill-up is for you. Here is what we will cover:

  • What is embedding?

  • Why Tableau is a great fit for external analytics

  • How embedding works

  • How to customize your user's experience

  • Tips & tricks on authentication

  • Practical examples

  • ...

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Your Inspiring Host

Praveen Sam
Analytics Consultant