Which Tableau platform is right for you?

Join us during this 1-hour free skill-up to compare Tableau Server on-premise, Tableau Server in the cloud, and Tableau Online. What are the main differences and what's the best choice for your business?

22 Jul 2021
11AM - 12PM CET

Virtual GoToWebinar session


Which Tableau platform is right for you?

Tableau Server (on-premise/cloud) is a Business Intelligence application that allows its users to organize, edit, share, and collaborate on Tableau dashboards. While Tableau Online is a paid add-on that keeps your data fully hosted on Tableau, Tableau Server allows you to store data on your chosen cloud storage or your own on-premises server.

To make your choice easier, we'll highlight the most important topics during this 1-hour skill-up to uncover the differences between 
- Tableau Server on-premise
- Tableau Server in the cloud
- Tableau Online

You'll learn more about:

  • Technical differences

  • Licensing

  • Pricing

  • Security

  • Collaborating
  • ...

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Your Inspiring Host

Timothy Vermeiren
Analytics Domain Lead