Free Tableau Skill-Up: Embedding

Stuck at home due to COVID-19? We're here to make your life in quarantine a little better. We're hosting a series of free online trainings that will level up your skills on core topics in Tableau.

16 Apr 2020
10.00am - 12.00am CEST

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Your Data. Your Platform. Powered by Tableau

More and more companies are driving customer engagement and delight by sharing data and insights with their customers. If you are exploring integrating reporting and analytics functionality into your existing software applications, it’s time to learn more about how Tableau embedded analytics can make your product shine.

This online Tableau Skill-Up will tackle all of the big questions you are asking yourself – what visual analytics features do my customers want? How do I make the most of my development resources? Do I build or buy? How do I get to market quickly with a partner I can count on?


What is this online Training about?

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution that can add powerful reporting directly into your applications, products, or web portals? If the answer is yes, this free online training is for you. Here is what we will cover:

  • Why leading companies are implementing embedded analytics solutions for greater return on investment
  • Real-life examples of embedded analytics and understand what it takes to be successful
  • Hear from leading data analytics experts on why embedded analytics make good business sense
  • Build vs Buy Business Intelligence
  • Data Monetization

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Your Tableau Certified Trainer

Connell Blackett
Analytics Consultant