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Considering the impact that COVID-19 had on the world, it became clear that organisations have to learn, adapt, and build faster than ever before.


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Learn. Adapt. Build.

Every organization was working on their digital transformation. Nobody expected that COVID-19 would accelerate that process so drastically. Some learned and adapted fairly easily and fast. While others were stuck with traditional processes and couldn’t move forward. Discover how Geoffrey, the founder of Biztory looks at this period and how you could lead through change, and embrace the new normal.

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At Biztory, we have built a unique approach based on our Learn, Adapt & Build methodology. They are short but powerful prototyping sessions that leave you either inspired or with a production-ready proof of concept. 

Browse through our different labs and understand how we've helped close to 500 companies with this approach and helped them leverage the power of their data and their people.

Inspire lab

Keeping your organization healthy during the pandemic heavily depended on gut feeling and experience. These were key elements to keep your company alive. Get inspired by Geoffrey and unlock the potential of your most valuable assets. Your data, and your people.

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Engage lab

Get your key users within the organisation started and unravel the insights of your business with visual analytics. Involve people, try the tool, gather enthusiasm, and start prototyping together with us. Let Issye walk you through our Engage approach to get you kickstarted.

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Embed lab

See and understand the value of your own data. Discover the power of embedding data or visual analytics in your own application, portal, or website. Learn how to integrate your systems, scale them when necessary, and start building on your very own data monetization strategy. Let Timothy explain how our Embedding approach helps you accomplish all of this.

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Clarity on your next steps with the customer Tableau Blueprint roadmap

We curated best practices and the expertise of hundreds of customers to help you turn repeatable processes into core capabilities and become a data-driven organization. Behind every step in your journey, you’ll have prescriptive, documented guidance to follow. Our Tableau Blueprint allows you to zoom out to see the big picture and what’s ahead, and also to zoom in on a specific area to fine-tune and improve.

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How different industries have to adapt to the new normal
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Retail - Commerce

Retail - Commerce

European statistics show a 17% increase in Online Sales in June vs February of 2020. Unforeseen changes in demand and volatile consumption patterns have made it hard for businesses to manage their supplies and meet customer expectations.

Understanding customer behavior and their patterns has become a key element in measuring and synchronizing that demand with your supply chain. It is required to keep your customer churn rates as low as possible.

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Health & lifesciences

Health & lifesciences

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest and most noticeable in the healthcare & life science business. Hospitals around the world were under a massive amount of stress. They quickly learned that flattening the curve was going to be a long and tedious process. On the other hand, we have life science organizations at the forefront of this global health crisis.

Both the healthcare system and the life science corporations had to learn and adapt at a tremendous pace. 

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The Life Sciences opportunity 2min
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Supply Chain N2N

Supply Chain N2N

The global COVID19 pandemic has shown that there are serious flaws in the Supply Chain system as we know it. 75% of the companies have reported that the COVID-virus has disrupted their supply chain. This means that 75% of the companies were not able to optimize their inventory, streamline their transportation, or deliver on time. This impacted both the supplier and the consumer.

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