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Webinar: What's New in Tableau 2020.1

Tableau 2020.1 is here - and with it, the future of analytics. With significant updates such as Customizable Discover Pane for Tableau Desktop, Dynamic Parameters and significant improvements for Explain Data, the way your organisation interacts with data is rapidly changing.

Watch this webinar to see Biztory experts outline innovations in Tableau that are bringing you closer to your data. 

Webinar: How to Replace Alteryx with Tableau Prep

A data visualization tool is only as good as the data you give it. Data Prep allows you to clean, combine, filter, pivot, and enhance your own data for analysis. Join us on our live webinar to learn more about the power of self-service data prep with Tableau prep and how it can potentially replace 80% of the use cases for heavy-weight tools like Alteryx.