Learn, Adapt, and Build

Not sure where you are going? Our Labs (Learn, Adapt & Build) are designed exactly to help you understand this. Ideally, we'd start with a Data Strategy Lab. 

We'll discover from the start to discovery the Data Maturity in your organisation, next to the current analytics stack. Dive deeper into an understanding of the company goals, processes KPI's and stakeholder requirements. After all of this, we are well equipped to deliver a Modern Data Strategy.

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The three T's

When assembled together, you can clearly see that each layer, based on our Technology, Training, and Trust is built to help you grow.

In a discovery call we can dive deeper, and position a tailored version of what our contribution would look like in your organisation.


Designed to level up

We have designed four key stages that can run through various cycles to be run through as your organisation matures. This can be applied on a use-case or organisation-wide level.

Each individual part can be a step-in point at any given time. We believe that every organisation has their uniqueness, we are just helping you point to the right direction.


We are full-service

We've designed a bunch of services, products,  and training around our approach that perfectly bespoke to any organisation.

With more than 800 clients served we tailored our categories into Strategy & Vision, Engineering & Analytics, Culture & Democracy, and Governance & Mesh.

The Biztory Way

Group 1028

Technology focusses on every single piece of software that is used in your organisation. By mapping your today's architecture, we can advise you on how to get the best out of your current stack, and advise you on what we refer to as the Modern Data Stack

Group 1031

Train puts the emphasis on elevating your team and making them as data-savvy as possible. We have various training programs both on the technical as well as the functional side. We developed a best-in-class Learning Platform  including live support and Consultant Doctors you can book alongside the training.

Group 1036

Trust is all about data and culture. An organisation must not only be able to trust their data quality, management and security. It's also very reliant on the culture of how the data is perceived. Working on branding, creating internal communities, and create a democracy data culture.

The Biztory Way

We like to see our wheel as a