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Finding meaningful patterns

At Biztory, we have built a unique approach based on our Learn, Adapt & Build methodology. They are powerful sessions that discover patterns in your company and data leaving you inspired and iterate in an agile way to a data-driven analytics strategy.

"Finding meaningful patterns in meaningless noise is a human instinct.

M. Sherner

We thrive to inspire our clients

The Tableau Blueprint is your methodology for success. We've gathered every aspect of becoming data-driven and focused on separate topics to help you guide towards a perfect data culture.





Get inspired by our stories, use-cases and approach.



We have designed various Labs and Workshops to provide you with a unique experience.



We rely heavily on our Tableau Blueprint methodology and offer you a transparent view on your journey.

What our customers say

"Biztory executed so fast we could hardly keep up. They added value to all the brainstorm sessions."

"With the help of Biztory, we could finally monitor the usage of our Tableau Server in the way we wanted!"


"Biztory was able to transition all reports from a legacy BI system to Tableau in no time!"