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Biztory is a leading European data consultancy. We empower people and their data, accelerating organisations with a full-stack modern data & AI strategy.

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Make data-driven become your business reality

Data-driven has become the norm, something many organisations are looking to become. Unfortunately, not many of them do. We’re here to change that, by making “becoming truly data-driven” a reality.

We have extensive expertise in all the areas of your data journey. Take a deep-dive below.

Long Harbour can now claim to be one of the most data-driven Asset Management firms, using data to punch above their weight class, all the while having a lean operation.

Ruchit Gupta-Chaudary
Head of Systems & Digital Transformation
Long Harbour
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Accelerate your data maturity with our flywheel methodology

Most data maturity models think of data or data maturity as an outcome of their data journey.
Nothing more, nothing less.

We don’t.

We view your data and the level of data maturity by which your people interact with that data, as the driving flywheel by which you make valuable decisions to build your business.

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We partner with the best of breed technology

We are a full-stack provider and integrator. We can rely on extensive experience and best practices to find your unique optimal set-up allowing you to tell the data stories you are eager to tell. 

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The smartest way to load data into your warehouse. Always accurate and up to date.


Produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling and operational workflows faster.


A powerful data cloud. Near-unlimited power. One platform, many workloads, no data silos.


Self-service data visualization. Share and always up-to-date data with your organization. No coding needed.


Self-service analytics powered by search & AI. Drill down in your data anywhere, anytime.


Build the greatest data teams with our data services

Accelerate your data journey with our services. We are on a mission to help you build the greatest data team. From data consultancy, to training and full stack managed services to drive your data culture company-wide... We've got you covered.

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