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ThoughtSpot offers AI-Powered Analytics for your modern data stack. Empower everyone in your organisation to create, consume, and operationalize data-driven insights with the simplicity of a Google-like search bar.

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What if getting answers from your data was as easy as searching on Google?

Get answers from data easier, faster with ThoughtSpot's Google-like search interface. Visualize your most important business metrics in real-time with interactive Liveboards that allow you to drill down, filter, add measures, and present on the fly.

This is the modern data stack.

Ask questions from your data.
Get answers on the spot.

ThoughtSpot makes it easy for anyone, regardless of technical skill, to get insights out of their data in a matter of seconds. Ask any question, find insights, and drill infinitely into your company data in seconds.
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Build meaningful data models

Create data models that empower everyone in your organisation to intuitively create insights with Search & AI-Powered Analytics.


Search your cloud data like Google

With ThoughtSpot, finding new insights on-demand in your cloud data, is just as easy as searching on Google.


Drill down anywhere, anytime

Analyze billions of rows in your cloud data warehouse in seconds. Drill further down your data however you like, whenever you like.


Monitor business health with liveboards

Instantly create personalized, interactive, and actionable insights from your cloud data. Share live dashboards with your team.

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Connect at the scale of Cloud

Connect ThoughtSpot to your cloud data platform and start live-querying data in minutes. Easily scale up and down to meet business demand and access insights.

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Operationalise your insights

Turn real-time insights into business action. Push cloud data to your favorite business apps so frontline teams make smarter business decisions.


World class end-to-end security

Build trust and confidence in your business data with industry-leading cloud security and governance controls right out of the box.


Monetise data with embedded

Monetise data through embedding. Replace static dashboards with a live, modern search experience that keeps users coming back for more.

ThoughtSpot Analytics: 10x faster answers from data

Make it easy for everyone to get answers from data in a matter of seconds. ThoughtSpot makes analytics feel like your favorite app. Whether you're searching for an answer, receiving an insight about a metric you're monitoring, or learning why something changed - you can turn insight into action in a moment for your business.


ThoughtSpot Everywhere: Embedded Analytics

Make your product stickier and more
interactive with embedded AI-Powered Analytics of ThoughtSpot Everywhere. Replace static dashboards with a live, modern, and intuitive search experience that keeps users coming back for more.

Don't BI. Just Search.

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