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We love to prototype together with our customers. Biztory Labs have no predefined outcome, which makes it very interesting to see how far we get by building prototypes together. Based on the foundations we create here, we can define further steps towards success.

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img_8. Roles - Product Leader

01. Inspire Lab

Are you’re trying to select your next BI tool? Assessing the impact data science and automation could have on your organization? We’d love to come in and help you complete your thinking and reframe your existing business challenges in a way that you can easily take the next steps on your data journey.

  • A clear vision on the road ahead
  • Discuss competition
  • Demo Tableau platform
  • Get clear on timing and scope
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img_Single source of truth

02. Engage Lab

In an Engage Lab, we gather around the table, have a look at your data, download the tool, and prototype together with you, answering questions as we go. The goal is to provide you insights and a clear understanding of how the software works. We show how you can use it yourself.

  • Dashboarding goals set
  • Learn the ease of your Modern Data Stack
  • Connect your data
  • Prototyping session
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img_Embedded Analytics

03. Embedded Lab

More and more companies integrate customer-facing analytics using Tableau Embedding. In this Lab, our consultants will take time to understand your business challenges and design an embedding strategy to ensure you can offer a rich feature set within a secure and scalable environment.

  • Architecture & pipeline
  • Understanding your dev cycle
  • Defining a monetization model
  • A clear vision of the road ahead
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img_Data Monetisation

04. Data Monetization Lab

Looking for ways to leverage the full power of your data and monetize your business data with new business models? Understand how we return on investment for every coin spent? We'd love to assist your team in finding new opportunities. 

  • Defining a monetization model
  • Understanding your architecture
  • Defining a data pipeline
  • Crafting the ideal portal

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