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Fivetran: data integration made easy

Fivetran manages data delivery from source to destination with fully managed connectors. Don't worry about engineering, Biztory is here to help you with years of extensive expertise.

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Centralize your data.
Simple & reliable.

Fivetran is the smartest way to load data into your warehouse without hassle. Centralize all your data and empower your team with faster insights.

  • Fivetran offers seamless connectivity to apps and databases.
  • The pre-built schemas offer ready-to-use analytics and adapt fast to data source changes.
  • The focus is on analytics and not data engineering.

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Fivetran focusses on data integration and transformation convenience

Pull data from hundreds of sources in minutes and load into destinations of your choice. Get secured insights faster with pre-built transformations.
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Replicate production databases

Generate insights from production data with a low-impact, highly reliable database integration service.


Centralize application data

Automatically integrate data from marketing, product, sales, finance and other applications into one, always up-to-date data warehouse. 


Build better data products

Automated connectors seamlessly integrate with customer data to power your application. You don't need extensive engineering anymore to create value. 


99.9% platform uptime & reliability

Build reliable data pipelines with a fully managed service for reliable data delivery on a platform with 99.9% uptime.

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Pre-built schemas & connectors

Research-driven schemas and ERDs for every source.

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Integrated transformations

In-warehouse SQL-based transformations powered by dbt.


World class end-to-end security

Fivetran adheres to industry-leading standards, and is backed by a global engineering team. 

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Self-healing architecture & updates

Automated response to schema and API changes.

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150+ Prebuilt connectors

Fivetran offers 150+ zero-configuration connectors that launch in minutes. 

Stress-free access to data for everyone.
Save your company time, effort & worries by applying the pre-written data connectors that create an automated flow of data on your schedule. 

New connector needed?
New native connectors are added frequently by Fivetran. Biztory (EMEA Partner of the Year) will assist you with requesting and developing a new native Fivetran connector. 

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Only pay only for the rows of data you consume

Pricing is based on your Fivetran usage. Consumption is based on the amount of 'monthly active rows' within your warehouse. These 'monthly active rows' (MARs) are only counted and thus invoiced when a row is updated or inserted in your warehouse.

Leverage Biztory's relationship with Fivetran to help you negotiate the best deal. We are Fivetran's EMEA Partner of the Year.

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Need help figuring out your hardware and software set-up?

Integrating Fivetran comes with a specific set of challenges. Set yourself up for quick success by working with Biztory, a consultancy partner that has an extensive library of best practices.

We can help you with the strategy, implementation and maintenance of modern data architecture (full-stack) and analytics environments.


We know what we're doing...

Biztory is an award-winning Fivetran partner with a focus to leverage best-practices to make sure your data stays in safe hands.


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