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A user's perspective of Snowflake

A Data Warehouse does not always have to be extremely technical. Learn how to securely and easily access data with infinite scalability with Snowflake.

Securely access the Data Cloud with Snowflake to share live data with your customers and business partners, and connect with thousands of other organizations doing business as data consumers, data providers, and data service providers.
Make data-driven decisions, deliver modern and integrated data applications for your organization and your customers, and create new revenue streams based on data to help drive your business forward. Discover how we can leverage all of this power without being a database administrator.

During this 1-hour Skill-up, we cover the following topics:

  • One Platform, One Copy of Data, Many Workloads
  • Secure & Governed access to all dataVirtually
  • Unlimited performance and scale
  • Near-Zero maintenance, as a service


Salesforce x Tableau

Salesforce acquired Tableau in June 2019 for about $15,7 billion. This acquisition means a collaboration between the #1 CRM platform and the #1 visualization platform.

With this news, a lot of different questions pop up:

  • What does this mean for Tableau?
  • How is Tableau going to fit into this Salesforce family?
  • Is the brand Tableau still a thing?
  • What does this mean for the product pipeline?
  • Is Tableau still going to be available to non-Salesforce customers?
  • How is Tableau going to integrate into the Salesforce platform?

Workflow automation

What if insights in data and analytics triggered workflows automatically to save time and minimize errors?

Automation becomes a crucial aspect of almost any business department, as it frees up time to focus on key areas of your organization. So, how can you leverage analytics to automatically trigger workflows when insights have been found? During this Inspire Chat, we'll explore the topic of Workflow Automation through data & analytics.


What's new in Tableau 2020.2

Join us on this free live webinar to see Biztory experts outline innovations in Tableau 2020.2 that are bringing you closer to your data. We will also demo the latest features to show you how Tableau is empowering people to make better, data-informed decisions.


Tableau Blueprint Methodology

Put data at the center of every conversation. Get inspired by the Tableau Blueprint methodology.

The Tableau Blueprint is your methodology for success. Based on every aspect of becoming data-driven and focused on separate topics to help you guide towards a perfect data culture.

Data monetization

How can you get money out of your data? Watch this Inspire Chat to see Biztory Experts outline strategies to discover new business opportunities through data monetisation, no matter if you’re a startup, SME or a global enterprise.

How to replace Alteryx with Tableau Prep

A data visualization tool is only as good as the data you give it. Data Prep allows you to clean, combine, filter, pivot, and enhance your own data for analysis. Join us on our live webinar to learn more about the power of self-service data prep with Tableau prep and how it can potentially replace 80% of the use cases for heavy-weight tools like Alteryx. 

What's new in Tableau 2020.1

Tableau 2020.1 is here - and with it, the future of analytics. With significant updates such as Customizable Discover Pane for Tableau Desktop, Dynamic Parameters and significant improvements for Explain Data, the way your organisation interacts with data is rapidly changing.

Watch this webinar to see Biztory experts outline innovations in Tableau that are bringing you closer to your data. 


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