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We help Logistics companies find meaningful data patterns

  • Be a market leader

  • Get granular visibility on your logistic costs

  • Be the driver for profitability and growth

  • Tap into new business models

Get granular visibility on your logistic flows and costs


Keep track on how partners are performing with carrier score cards
Act on more than ‘hearsay’. Get all the data you need for contract negotiations and performance follow-up.

Real-time insights in all aspects of your operations
People, assets, delays, demurrage costs, contracts, etc. all in one intuitive dashboard for immediate oversight. Easy to use for people with different digital maturity.

Predict what resources you’ll need
Use the data from your TMS, WMS and ERP to have a good indication on the volume of work that is coming your way. Make decisions in regard to dynamic staffing, warehouse usage and yard usage.

Manage transportation spending
Getting more granular visibility into transportation spending to manage and control costs more effectively. Know exactly where you are making a profit and how to defend it.

Identify the root causes of cost variance
Identifying negative cost and performance trends – and their root causes – as early as possible to take corrective action.

Mitigate risks and give informed advice
Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions.

Get insights into exception handling
Identify what went wrong so you can optimize your operations.

Conducting “what if” analyses and predictive scenarios
Evaluate service and cost trade-offs. Continuous process improvement for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.

Be the driver of profitability and growth


Identify market needs and growth opportunities
Use big data and analytics to improve the value you offer to customers. Identify customer needs and segmentation, market trends and cross-selling opportunities.

Focus on customer centric and partner centric services
Give customers access to your data. By offering transparency you can develop trust and minimize discussions.

Advanced easy self-service analytics
No more waiting forever on external partners to connect the dots. Or worse: gathering information from non-standardized Excel files.

Justify corporate funding for improvements and innovation
Whether the investment is functional, operational or technical.

Fast implementation, fast results
Thanks to the very fast roll-out of our ecosystem, and the use of our standardized templates you can see very quick ROI.

Hassle-free reporting in dynamic dashboards

Significantly reduce reporting time
By gathering data from all over the organization, and in different formats, in one centralized platform, you now have ready-to-go reports.

Set-up customized reports depending on your needs
Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting and analysis, audit preparation and filings, preparation of required financial documents for public disclosure (budgets books, annual reposts, etc.) won’t give you a headache anymore.

Share your data with stakeholders
Give other departments, research units, etc. access to dashboards with your collected data. Allow them to set-up customized dashboards based on your data.

Discover Tableau

Manage operational risks


Mitigate risks and give informed advice
Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions.

Visualize risks in a comprehensive way so you get the whole company on board
Make everyone aware of potential risks and how they can mitigate them.

Make regulatory compliance easier
Gather all the right information in no time for internal, domestic and international regulations


Create new business models on more than a gut feeling

Identify customer needs, segmentations, market trends and cross-selling opportunities.

Share sales data with your suppliers
Set up dashboards with real-life sales data and benchmarking against competition. Ask a fee for these insights.

Get actionable data by connecting data points across silos
A strategic omnichannel approach requires information from different business units and needs to be implemented by I.T. to create powerful tools.

Advise the CEO and board with data-driven processes
Real insights, high-quality insights that offer a holistic view of the company.

We’re strategists, engineers, and teachers. Ready to jump in at any point of your data journey


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