Harness the full power
of a data cloud


Monetize your data


Easily discover and securely share live governed data across your business, with your customers and business partners, and with any organization that is part of the data cloud.

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Access a world of data and services

Join the data cloud – a network of thousands of organizations mobilizing data seamlessly across public clouds as data consumers, data providers, and data service providers.

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Data marketplace


Access third-party data to provide deeper insights to your organization at a lower integration cost. Get your own data from SaaS vendors you already work with, directly into your Snowflake account.


The data cloud experience

  • Secure & governed access to your data
  • Virtually unlimited scale
  • Seamless access across clouds
  • Near-zero maintenance, as a service
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Simple to use, yet spectacularly powerful

 Snowflake can power a near-unlimited number of concurrent workloads, ranging from data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, securely sharing and consuming shared data. The true workhorse of any modern data team.

Gartner analysis

Truly elastic Cloud Data Platform with zero maintenance. Snowflake focuses deep on data and its resulted in an expertise that cannot be rivaled. We have loved using Snowflake and it's many features including Data Engineering, Data Lakes, Data Warehousing, Data Applications, and Data Sharing. This platform has been more efficient for us, especially as we continue to grow as a company and find ourselves housing a lot more data year-over-year. 

Review on Gartner Insights. Average score: 4,9/5
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Need help figuring out your hardware and software set-up?

Integrations like these come with a specific set of challenges. Set yourself up for quick success by working with a partner that has an extensive library of best practices. We can help you with a full-stack deployment of your data analytics strategy. 


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