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We help governments find meaningful data patterns

  • Be a market leader

  • Manage operational risks

  • Maximize stakeholder involvement

Create policy on more than a gut feeling

Bring together internal and external data to develop fact-based analyses.

Benefit from a more rational public debate on sensitive topics
Give policymakers the tools to articulate with clarity why certain policies are needed.


Capture governance performance with accurate measurable indicators
The only way to know if society is better off today than it was a few years ago is by measuring progress (or the lack thereof).


Use data to guide resource allocation
Rooted in facts and driven by performance indicators.

Hassle-free reporting in dynamic dashboards

Significantly reduce reporting time
By gathering data from all over the organization, and in different formats, in one centralized platform, you now have ready-to-go reports.

Set-up customized reports depending on your needs
Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting and analysis, audit preparation and filings, preparation of required financial documents for public disclosure (budgets books, annual reposts, etc.) won’t give you a headache anymore.

Share your data with stakeholders
Give other departments, research units, etc. access to dashboards with your collected data. Allow them to set-up customized dashboards based on your data.

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Make life easier for law enforcement

Predictive policing: be in the right place at the right time

Use parameters such as tourism spikes, historic data, recent crime increase in certain areas, etc. to set up predictive algorithms.

Combine databases

Tax, benefit fraud and other spending abuse is on the rise. By combining data points you can find irregularities more easily.

Don’t be caught off guard by occupancy rates

Use real-time and historical data to predict staffing needs with dynamic staffing models.

Make the most of your budget.
Keep costs under control.


Structure all your data and get real insights
Automatically combine, shape and clean data in different formats and from diverse sources. No more data merge hick-ups.

Use budgets and staff in the best way possible 
Maximize staff utilization while minimizing personnel costs.

Stay on top of supply and inventory costs.
Set up procurement and supply chain analytics. Achieve savings and efficiencies. Act on accurate data.

Strategize for growth and innovation thanks to budget efficiencies.
Automatically combine, shape and clean data in different formats and from diverse sources. No more data merge hick-ups.

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Rely on an experienced data analytics partner

Data scientists are scarce. Data analytics requires complex skills, specialized knowledge, and profound experience. Rely on an experienced partner that comes with an extensive toolkit of best practices. Let our ecosystem of tools do the heavy lifting of your data pipeline. 

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