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No more sending Excel files around. Share and visualize always-up-to-date data with your organisation.

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Tableau offers analytics people love to use

As the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, the Tableau platform is known for taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.

  • Intuitive
  • Integrated platform
  • Unrivaled community
  • Global Market Leader
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Tableau Pulse

AI-Driven insights at your fingertips

Reimagine your data experience with Tableau Pulse. Empower everyone in your organisation with AI-driven, intelligent & personalised insights delivered in the flow of work. Request an interactive demo or book a quickstart call to get started with Tableau Pulse.

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Read some of their data stories instead.


How Mutualités Libres improved customer service with analytics

MLOZ is a health insurance fund in Belgium. Thanks to Tableau, they can now display the information they need in an aggregated, graphical and interactive way.

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Secret Escapes gives all employees analytics freedom

The biggest teams at Secret Escapes are the people who have to work with the hotels to negotiate rates, deals, and partnerships. Qualitative data allows them to negotiate the best deals in minutes. Not hours.

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How Ocado sees ROI on data monetization after 8 months

Learn how Ocado creates new opportunities for growth across all retailers through data monetisation with their custom Embedded Analytics solution on Tableau.

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Empower your organization with intuitive analytics


Intuitive user experience

Tableau is designed to put the user first because data analysis should be about asking questions and not about learning software. With built-in visual best practices, Tableau enables limitless visual data exploration without interrupting the flow of analysis.


Powerful, regardless of skillset

With role-based licensing, Tableau meets the needs of all of your users, regardless of their skill set. Augmented analytics innovations help anyone—from data scientists to business users—uncover insights faster, with accessible machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep.


Greater value, greater adoption

Tableau is built on the work of scientific research to make analysis faster, easier, and more intuitive. Analyzing data in a quick, iterative way that provides immediate feedback makes our products engaging, fun, and easy to learn.


Tableau Analytics

Limitless data visualization with Tableau Desktop

Access, visualize, and analyze your data. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can uncover hidden insights and make smarter decisions faster.

  • Visualize and explore all of your data without having to write code.
  • Dive deeper, make pivot analyses, change chart types without starting over or breaking your flow.
  • Take it to the next level: dynamic parameters, data modeling capabilities, multiple map layers, spatial support, predictive modeling functions, metrics.
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Tableau prep

Work smarter & faster with Tableau Prep

Combine, shape, and clean your data for analysis with Tableau Prep. By providing a visual and direct way to combine, shape and clean data, Tableau Prep makes it easier for analysts and business users to start their analysis, faster. 


Data to the people with Tableau Server or Tableau Online

Empower your business with the freedom to explore data in a trusted environment—without limiting them to pre-defined questions, wizards, or chart types. Have the peace of mind that both your data and your analytics are governed, secure, and accurate. 

tableau einstein

Harness the full power of Salesforce + Tableau = Tableau CRM

Built natively into the Salesforce platform, Tableau CRM provides actionable analytics and enterprise AI and machine learning capabilities embedded natively in Salesforce. Thanks to Einstein Discovery users can enhance dashboards with predictions, explanations, and suggestions to improve predicted outcomes. 

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We don't leave you hanging

A high adoption is crucial to experience the full power of Tableau within your organization. We can train your team in 13 languages and pride ourselves on our 9.11/10 average score out of almost 3000 users trained.  Ready to take it to the next level? Our consultants love to come up with new ways to visualize complex data. 



Connect to your own data in various ways and transform it into visualizations and dashboards. Get into the flow of using calculations, aggregations, quick table calculations and basic analytics. 


Continuous training

We have a wide range of training workshops available. On top of that you have access to our regular webinars with new product launches and tips and tricks. 



Ready to take it to the next level? Our consultants love to come up with new ways to visualize complex data. 

We know what we're doing...

Biztory is an award-winning Tableau Premier Reseller Partner & Data Consultancy with a focus to leverage best-practices to make sure your data stays in safe hands.



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