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Modern Analytics for Human Resources


With the right data at your fingertips, we help Human Resource departments make better business decisions to recruit more effectively, retain and develop top talent, or create best-in-class employee experiences

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Find, develop and retain top talent

Build your future organization on more than gut feeling. Remove departmental data silos and bring together internal and external data to find, retain and develop top talent in your organization. 

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Understand your workforce at a glance

Building a safe and equitable workplace for tomorrow, begins with understanding your workforce today.

Avoid burn-outs with risk metrics

Get warned when a burn-out is looming or an employee is deviating a lot from expected mortality ratios.

Predict staffing needs by occupancy rates

Use real-time and historical data to predict staffing needs with dynamic staffing models.

Keep personnel costs under control

Maximize staff utilization while minimizing personnel costs to boost your bottom line results.

Track and monitor talent development progress

Visualize employee training and certification metrics and get an overview of your employee skill sets.

Make data-informed decisions

Give informed advice to management with customized shareable reports and justify funding for HR.

How Biztory helps
Human Resource departments

Give the people within your organization faster access to accurate data from across your business faster, and simplify reporting for your team.

Data Strategy & Vision

Set a direction for your organisation with a data strategy and vision that meets your business requirements.

Engineering & Analytics

Extract, transform and load your cleaned data and unlock impactful insights for the business.

Data Governance & Mesh

Keep your data clean and treat your architecture with the level of democratization it deserves.

Data Culture & Training

Remove data silos and create a data culture company-wide. Upskill your team with the right training.

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Build a data culture with intuitive analytics

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive financially tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data flows and increase the data knowledge of your team.

  • Self-service analytics
  • Learn to ask the right questions
  • Higher adoption rate of tools
  • Platform ecosystem with flexibility and choice

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