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Biztory is a wildly successful business because we have a remarkable bunch of Biztorians who have a shared set of values. They are what perpetuate our collective success. They are what make up our culture and allow every person in our team to stay true to their authentic selves.

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"I can work in an environment where I feel supported, can do interesting projects
get the space to learn and give direction to my own career."

- Artur Lucas, Analytics Consultant


Building the greatest company culture

Building the greatest data teams doesn't scale well without a blueprint, so we believe that consciously working with and articulating desired and undesired behaviors have a genuine business impact.

Our culture is the framework that help us model the behaviors that we believe will help us be better people and build a better business.

It's the set of assumptions we all use to solve the challenges we face every day. We all have a responsibility for making Biztory the very best it can be, and we want to make sure that it's clear what that means.

Let's dive in..

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We are resilient

We are comfortable bending, morphing, flexing, and adapting to constantly changing landscapes. We are always pushing forward and we get the job done. 

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We are playful

To love what you do you need to love doing it. We take joy in the little things and thrive in the random. Whenever we get together we bring food, music, and laughter. 

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We are sensitive

Differences make us strong. We accept our limits, have patience with our flaws, delight in our diversity and reflect on our mistakes. We are curious, not dogmatic and value empathy highly.


We belong

As individuals, we go fast, but through active participation, collaboration and knowledge sharing, we're able to go far, constantly tapping into the hive mind in pursuit of excellence.


We are focused

Our team strives to make conscious choices and to be deliberate in our actions. We grow every day and we take time to reflect on our successes, losses and learn from every challenge we face. 


We craft

We must continue to drill our competencies, explore our artistry, hone our techniques, and comfort ourselves in our imperfections. We seek synergies, value acceleration, and 'holy shit' moments to offer consistent quality.

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The Biztory Hive-Mind

We are 100+ data scientists, engineers, programmers, visual analytics experts, strategy consultants, developers and we’re agnostic to technology stacks, industries and departments. We have consultants and offices across Europe, most notably in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.
See how we have questions answered by 100 experts giving solutions, perspectives, ideas and best practises for our clients. 👉




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