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Give your users the access they want with the control you need. Keeping your data clean and well maintained is at the heart of a successful data organisation. We  help you with your data lineage, security and definitions to keep your data fresh.

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Snowflake Data Warehouse

Build your Single Source of Truth in the Cloud

Remove the data silos of your business and avoid the data inconsistencies that make accurate business reporting difficult. Gain more data clarity to empower your entire organisation to make key business decisions faster based on data.

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Give your users the access they need, with the security you want

With row-level security at the point of connection to you data, you control the narrative. Granular data security gives you the security and governance controls that fit into your company policies and workflows, ensuring data is only visible to the appropriate groups or individuals.

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Increase data quality.
Deliver trusted datasets.

Get consistent answers from your data with centralized calculations and formulas. Allow your users to understand data lineage and freshness. Give them context on data usage, meaning, and quality to increase the level of trust in data within your organisation.

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Biztory scored high in the tender, especially regarding services, training, and technical know-how. Three years into the collaboration, we can say that we made the right choice.

Dirk Claus
Business & Data Intelligence Manager
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Snowflake data cloud

Data Mesh: Lean & Agile Data Management

Data Mesh is a governance design pattern that aims to create a self-service data culture where data is a shared asset that is owned and governed by a decentralized network of teams.

Decentralise data governance and empower your teams to take ownership of their own data, with a lean and agile approach to data management.

Move beyond Data Governance and complete your Data Journey

Data governance is a crucial part of your data journey. Get the most out of your data journey with our other services. 

Data Strategy & Vision

Set a direction for your organisation with a data strategy and vision that meets your business requirements.

Data Engineering

Extract, transform and load your cleaned data and unlock impactful insights for the business.

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Data Analytics

Drive data exploration with interactive dashboards that uncover impactful insights in minutes.

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Data Culture & Training

Remove data silos and create a data culture company-wide. Upskill your team with the right training.


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