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  • Manage operational risks

  • Seamless multi-channel shopping

  • Know exactly how your network and franchises are doing

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Seamless multi-channel shopping

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Share data across channels for a seamless customer experience
Enable customers to shop and conduct transactions seamlessly through multiple channels (physical stores, online stores, catalogs, direct mail, email and mobile apps).

Integrate data to optimize all sales channels
Make the most of your different sales channels by looking at processes, supply chains and other relevant data.

Set up a fair attribution model to optimize marketing spend
The more data you can combine across silos, the better you can attribute sales to certain campaigns.

Understand your customers and speak their language
Know exactly what’s going on in your customers’ life and provide them with the right products and services at the right moment in their customer journey.

Granular customer insights
Identify customers who spend and in which categories. Target them with the right marketing campaigns. Identify where wallet share is lost, to whom, and why.

Give accurate estimations of when a product is back in stock
Identify demand, inform the customer and don’t let any revenue slip through your hands.

Know exactly how your network and franchises are doing


Benchmark your franchises
Thanks to live dashboarding you know exactly how your franchises are performing. See if they are living up to the potential that was forecasted.

Benchmark shops for specific performance indicators
Ticket size, penetration and footfall are all good indicators to see which shops still have growth potential. Share these reports in no time with all relevant parties.

Set-up the right pricing for your network
Identify “right price” based on brand image, competition, market basket, seasonal factors, and demographic constitution, etc.

Stock management
Know exactly what's in stock and what needs to be supplemented. Visualize supply chain dependencies. 

Theft analysis
20% of customers are not scanning all their groceries at self-scanning cashiers. Use data to identify the risk parameters (cashiers, personnel, rush hour, etc.)

Hassle-free reporting in dynamic dashboards

Significantly reduce reporting time
By gathering data from all over the organization, and in different formats, in one centralized platform, you now have ready-to-go reports.

Set-up customized reports depending on your needs
Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting and analysis, audit preparation and filings, preparation of required financial documents for public disclosure (budgets books, annual reposts, etc.) won’t give you a headache anymore.

Share your data with stakeholders
Give other departments, research units, etc. access to dashboards with your collected data. Allow them to set-up customized dashboards based on your data.

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Manage operational risks


Mitigate risks and give informed advice
Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions.

Visualize risks in a comprehensive way so you get the whole company on board
Make everyone aware of potential risks and how they can mitigate them.

Make regulatory compliance easier
Gather all the right information in no time for internal, domestic and international regulations


Create new business models on more than a gut feeling

Identify customer needs, segmentations, market trends and cross-selling opportunities.

Share sales data with your suppliers
Set up dashboards with real-life sales data and benchmarking against competition. Ask a fee for these insights.

Get actionable data by connecting data points across silos
A strategic omnichannel approach requires information from different business units and needs to be implemented by I.T. to create powerful tools.

Advise the CEO and board with data-driven processes
Real insights, high-quality insights that offer a holistic view of the company.

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