dbt: transform trusted data faster


dbt is a unique data engineering solution that helps teams work directly within the warehouse to produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling, and operational workflows.

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Your analytics engineering workflow reinvented.

dbt helps data teams to ship trusted data faster by making easy things easier, and hard things possible. Key benefits of using dbt are...


Transform data where it lives

Whether your analytics data is stored in a cloud warehouse, data lake, lake house or beach house - you can model and transform it with dbt. Extend your analytics engineering workflow beyond dbt Cloud with seamless integrations across your Modern Data Stack.


Develop with the
business in mind

Understanding how key metrics are defined and what data source they depend on, should not require a ticket or a DM. dbt allows you to generate a fresh docs site to build a foundation for data collaboration.


Data engineering
made fast & easy

Quickly collaborate and deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability and documentation. Anyone who knows SQL can now build production-grade data pipelines.


Increased data quality
with rapid testing

Use schema tests to verify the quality of your raw data to validate essential data quality. CI on deployment allows you to validate your code before shipment, helping you avoid shipping low-quality analytics code.


Save time with
modular data modeling

With a modular approach to data modeling, every producer or consumer of data models in your organization could start from the foundational data modeling work that others have done before them, rather than starting from source data every time.


Develop faster

Write code that writes itself with macros, ref statements, and auto-complete commands in the Cloud IDE. Modular SQL models with SELECT statements and the ref() function– dbt handle the chore of dependency management.


A new standard for data transformation

dbt combines SQL with software engineering best practices to make data transformation fast, reliable, and fun. Data teams can produce reliable datasets for reporting from directly within the data warehouse.

  • Develop faster with modular SQL models
  • Deploy safely using dev environments
  • Test every model with confidence
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Harness the full power of transformed data with dbt

dbt is a transformation workflow that lets data teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation.
  • Data testing with confidence: Build trust by enabling your data teams to deploy with verified data quality. dbt makes simple testing easy, and complex testing possible.
  • Modular data modeling: Transform raw data into human-usable metrics. With modular data modeling, anyone who knows SQL can make sense of your team's work, and build on it when the time comes.
  • Data documentation: Collaborate from a foundation of shared understanding. dbt docs helps everyone in your organization, including business users, answer everyday questions about datasets.
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