Data Challenges for Insurance Companies


Make better decisions faster with the right data at your fingertips. We help insurance companies find meaningful insights in their data patterns.

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Why not solve your insurance analytics challenges today?

Be a leader in a market driven by customers’ digital experiences. We help you solve your greatest analytics challenges to drive impactful outcomes for your business.

Personalize your Customer Experience

Know exactly what’s going on in your customers’ life and provide them with the right products and services for this stage of their life.

Improve sales results to drive revenue growth

Identify customer needs and segmentation, market trends, and cross-selling opportunities to boost sales and revenue.

Improve relationships with a premium service

Increase CLTV by avoiding churn and decreasing the cost per lead by delivering word-of-mouth-worthy services and products.

Drive innovation with data monetisation

Share data with business partners or data brokers in a subscription model or create new products and services based on your business data.


Biztory scored high in the tender, especially regarding services, training, and technical know-how. Three years into the collaboration, we can say that we made the right choice.

Dirk Claus
Business & Data Intelligence Manager
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Mitigate risks and give informed advice

Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions.

Keep an overview of all insurance risks

Thanks to our powerful dashboards, you can centralize management of risk assessments, monitoring, and reporting from a complete enterprise view.

Stay on top of your User Computing (EUC) Risk 

Avoid the risk of financial losses due to improper use of end-user systems like spreadsheets, databases, and end user-developed code and models.

Make regulatory compliance easier

Gather all the right information in no time for internal, domestic and international regulations such as BCBS 239.

Next-level dashboarding

Visualize revenue, cash flow and understand your profit & loss. Get the tools to do accurate financial forecasting and make financial reporting compliance easier.

Data pipelines built for insurance analytics

We are a full-stack provider and integrator. We can rely on extensive experience and best practices to find your unique optimal set-up.

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The smartest way to load data into your warehouse. Always accurate and up to date.


Produce trusted datasets for reporting, ML modeling and operational workflows faster.


A powerful data cloud. Near-unlimited power. One platform, many workloads, no data silos.


Self-service data visualization. Share and always up-to-date data with your organization.


Self-service analytics powered by search & AI. Drill down in your data anywhere, anytime.


We help insurance companies find meaningful data patterns

Mitigate risks and give informed advice. Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions. We'll help you:

  • Keep an overview of all retail banking risks
  • Stay on top of your User Computing (EUC) Risk
  • Make regulatory compliance easier
  • Manage operational risks
  • Maximize shareholder value
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Build a data culture with intuitive analytics

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive financially tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data flows and increase the data knowledge of your team.

  • Self-service analytics
  • Learn to ask the right questions
  • Higher adoption rate of tools
  • Platform ecosystem with flexibility and choice
tableau accelerator for insurance

Jumpstart your analysis with our Tableau Accelerator

Get access to our Customisable Executive KPI Scorecard Dashboard. Build your own comprehensive financial analytics overview in minutes.

  • Pre-built: This Accelerator enables data from all across your business to be drawn together and displayed in a bespoke way for each intended audience.
  • Plug-&-Play: Build your overview in minutes and choose what data to display, from what data sources.
  • How-to included: We've included an adoption guide in the workbook.
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