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We help insurance companies find meaningful data patterns

  • Be a market leader

  • Manage operational risks

  • Maximize shareholder value

Mitigate risks and give informed advice

Improve controls to identify, analyze and mitigate risks. Advice C-level and Business Unit Managers on risks when making business decisions.

Keep an overview of any and all insurance risks

Thanks to our powerful dashboards, you can centralize management of risk assessments, monitoring, and reporting from a complete enterprise view.

Stay on top of your User Computing (EUC) Risk 

Avoid the risk of financial losses due to improper use of end-user systems like spreadsheets, databases, and end user-developed code and models.

Make regulatory compliance easier


Gather all the right information in no time for internal, domestic and international regulations such as BCBS 239.

Next-level dashboarding with our data market

Be informed of outside risks whenever they occur.

Be a leader in a market driven by
customers’ digital experience


Understand your customers and speak their language

Know exactly what’s going on in your customers’ life and provide them with the right products and services for this stage of their life.

Improve sales results and revenue growth

Identify customer needs and segmentation, market trends, and cross-selling opportunities.

Improve client relationships by delivering premium service

Avoid churn and decrease the cost per lead by delivering word-of-mouth-worthy services and products.

Share your findings with stakeholders & partners

Benchmark independent branch owners in your network. Share insights and embedded analytics with branch owners. 

Monetise your data

Share data with business partners or data brokers in a subscription model or create new products and services based on your business data.

Lead the enterprise transformation with quality data

More than a buzzword: create a true data culture at the core of your business. 

Talk to a specialist

More eyes, more insights

Share data with a wide range of staff so you can identify even more business opportunities and threats.

Get actionable data by connecting data points across silos

Strategic omnichannel digital banking requires data from different business units to create powerful tools.

Advanced easy self-service analytics

No more waiting forever on external partners to connect the dots. Or worse: gathering information from Excel files.

Advise the CEO and board with data-driven processes

Objective high-quality insights that offer a holistic view of the company.

Know exactly what’s going on in the company.

Powerful dashboards give you all business performance metrics in minutes. 

Make the most of legacy I.T. hardware

Our tools play well with your legacy hardware and thanks to our expertise the integration will be smooth.

Improve the top and bottom line
for maximum shareholder value


Granular insights in Profit & Loss
Identify which departments are under and overperforming. Use these insights to forecast budgets and CAPEX opportunities.  

Improve the top and bottom line
Focus on metrics-driven performance. Know exactly where to take action.

Keep a sharp eye on the cash flow
Thanks to our powerful dashboards, you can be on top of any budget variance.

Structure all your data and get real insights
Automatically combine, shape and clean data in different formats and from diverse sources. No more data merge hick-ups.

Maximize the utilization of facilities and personnel
Increase operational efficiency and maximize utilization of opening hours and facilities. Identify where leaner operations are possible.

Stay on top of supply and inventory costs
Set up procurement and supply chain analytics. Act on accurate data to make supply chain savings and efficiencies.

Strategize for growth and innovation thanks to budget efficiencies.
Stay relevant by setting aside efficiency gains to reinvest in innovation.

We’re strategists, engineers, and teachers. Ready to jump in at any point of your data journey


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Rely on an experienced data analytics partner

Data scientists are scarce. Data analytics requires complex skills, specialized knowledge, and profound experience. Rely on an experienced partner that comes with an extensive toolkit of best practices. Let our ecosystem of tools do the heavy lifting of your data pipeline. 

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