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Tap into new business models

Identify customer needs, segmentations, market trends and cross-selling opportunities. Discover the possibilities of Embedded Analytics and innovate with new business models and additional revenue streams.

  • Identify new revenue streams: Innovate with new business models that generate additional revenue through data monetization.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Embedding analytics into your applications allows you to deliver the insights your users want and need.
  • Faster time to market: Leverage the capabilities of existing tools share and visualise data with more users seamlessly, get up and running pretty fast.
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Secret Escapes gives all employees analytics freedom

The biggest teams at Secret Escapes are the people who have to work with the hotels to negotiate rates, deals, and partnerships. Qualitative data at their fingertips allows them to negotiate the best deals in minutes. Not hours.

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Ocado Retail sees ROI on data monetization after 8 months

Learn how Ocado - the most famous online supermarket in the UK - creates new opportunities for growth across all of their retailers through data monetisation with their custom Embedded Analytics solution on Tableau.

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Aurora commerce: market-leading analytics in 1 month

For years Aurora commerce, got requests to incorporate analytics capabilities into the platform to have access insights on E-commerce performance. Thanks to embedded analytics from Tableau they had a swift go-to market. 

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Find new revenue streams through data monetisation

Embedded analytics allows you to bring impactful data and insights to the fingertips of everyday app users. Leverage data into new revenue streams or seamless user experiences through data monetisation.

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Improve customer experience with accurate data

Embedded analytics are a great way to increase customer stickiness and drive active usage of your app or solution, as users have easier, more seamless access to data. No need to reach out to support or have to log a ticket. End users can explore data and quickly find answers to their questions, because they aren’t limited to predefined reports.

Everyone has access to great quality data, and everyone can get all the insights to do their job to the best of their capabilities. This is a game-changer for a company like Ocado Retail.

Daniel Caroli
Team Lead & Analytics Consultant
Biztory UK
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Find your single source of truth

Remove the data silos of your business and avoid the data inconsistencies that make accurate business reporting difficult. Gain more data clarity to empower your entire organisation to make key business decisions faster based on data.

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