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We help hospitals and healthcare providers find meaningful data patterns

  • Better performance
  • Improved patient experience
  • Patients live longer healthy lives

Avoid burn-out and retain top talent


Identify risk metrics within your staff
Get warned when a burn-out is looming or an employee is deviating a lot from expected mortality ratios.

Don’t be caught off guard by occupancy rates.
Use real-time and historical data to predict staffing needs with dynamic staffing models.

Keep personnel costs under control
Maximize staff utilization while minimizing personnel costs.

Build your future organization on more than gut feeling.
Bring together internal and external data to develop fact-based markets and services analyses.

Know your workforce at a glance.
Set up powerful dashboards with employee training and certification metrics.

Deliver high-quality care

More than a buzzword: deliver joined up holistic health care.

Talk to a specialist

Individualized care.

Thanks to the holistic visualization of one’s medical history. 

Improve clinical outcome.

Aggregated patient records, lead to better-informed decisions and reduce liability risks. 

Reduce duplicative and uncoordinated care.

Aggregate all patient data across multiple disciplines, providers and health tech solutions. 

Population health management

Identify where to locate services and resources. Identify where high-risk patient groups are located.

Give your patient all the tools to manage their health care.

Reduce the cost of care and increase patient engagement for better outcomes.

Make the most of your budget
and balance the books


Strategize to manage increasing demand
An aging population and novel illnesses and putting stress on your budget. Finance innovations and with budget efficiencies and savings.

Structure all your data and get real insights
Automatically combine shape, and clean data in different formats and from diverse sources. No more data merge hick-ups.

Stay on top of supply and inventory costs
Set up procurement and supply chain analytics. Act on accurate data.

Maximize utilization of medical facilities and equipment
Increase operational efficiency and maximize utilization for hospitals, outpatient clinics and other care facilities.

Extend the lifespan of legacy I.T. hardware
Adopt a hybrid model: dedicate sensitive data to on premise, inside your network security. Less sensitive data goes into the cloud so you can make the most of your I.T. hardware set-up.

Process high volumes of data with ease. Leave legacy limits behind
Historic database solutions weren’t built for the massive data volumes that are captured and processed every day. Break free from legacy limits.

Keep a sharp eye on the cash flow
Thanks to our powerful dashboards, you can be on top of any budget variance. Follow-up payments from patients and social security services. Know precisely what cash is coming in and out.

Keep a close eye on your Cost Improvement Programs.
Get clear insights in your cost structure and now exactly where to take action.

Keep an eye on your contractual benchmarks, KPIs & SLAs.
Have all the numbers ready to negotiate your agreements with government agencies and suppliers.


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Data scientists are even scarcer than health care professionals. Data analytics requires complex skills, specialized knowledge, and profound experience. Rely on an experienced partner that comes with an extensive toolkit of best practices. Let our ecosystem of tools do the heavy lifting of your data pipeline. 

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