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7 years
founded in 2015


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Passionate about data

Biztory was founded in 2015 in the bustling city of Antwerp in Belgium. Our goal: bring data visualization to people with a hyper-focus on the product Tableau.

Now, years later, we provide full-stack digital data strategies with the same passion in mind: People.

Each of our partners (Tableau, Fivetran, and Snowflake) has played a key part in our success. Resulting in strong relationships with our partners. We are a multiple award winner of Partner Of The Year, Creating Customers For Life, and many more across our vendors.

We have business units in BelgiumThe NetherlandsThe United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and expanding rapidly into new regions.
With our wide range of experience, we allow you to focus on what you do the best. We persist where others give up. Our team loves a good challenge and will never stop looking for a solution. 

We are also a proud member of Spire, a group of Salesforce experts.

This is who we are


We are resilient

We are comfortable bending, morphing, flexing, and adapting to constantly changing landscapes. We are always pushing forward and we get the job done. 

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We are playful

To love what you do you need to love doing it. We take joy in the little things and thrive in the random. Whenever we get together we bring food, music, and laughter. 

wounded heart

We are sensitive

Differences make us strong. We accept our limits, have patience with our flaws, delight in our diversity and reflect on our mistakes. We are curious, not dogmatic and value empathy highly.


We belong

As individuals, we go fast, but through active participation, collaboration and knowledge sharing, we're able to go far, constantly tapping into the hive mind in pursuit of excellence.


We are focused

Our team strives to make conscious choices and to be deliberate in our actions. We grow every day and we take time to reflect on our successes, losses and learn from every challenge we face. 


We craft

We must continue to drill our competencies, explore our artistry, hone our techniques, and comfort ourselves in our imperfections. We seek synergies, value acceleration, and 'holy shit' moments to offer consistent quality.


Get to know the team

We are a bunch of very passionate, playful, sensitive, resilient, crafty, focused data nerds who have found their hive. 
Biztory can help you solve any analytical challenge, whether technical or business. 
Why? Because we have the most skilled and certified Tableau, Snowflake & Fivetran consultants. These specialists bring significant expertise to our client portfolio.
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