Biztory operations use cases

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Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive operationally tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data flows and increase the data knowledge of your team. 

Real-time insights in all aspects of your operations


Increase operational efficiency

  • Maximize utilization of equipment
  • Identify where to locate services
  • Identify where to locate resources
  • Benchmark your franchises
  • Exception handling

Keep costs under control

  • Get granular insights into your cost structure across departments
  • Visualize personnel costs
  • Define resource allocation
  • Identify cost variance root causes
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Smoother supply chain

  • Predict demand
  • Manage increasing demand
  • Visualize supply chain dependencies
  • Give accurate estimations of when a product is back in stock

Make informed decisions

  • Customized shareable reports
  • Give informed advice to management
  • Justify funding for operational improvements

A worldclass product ecosystem

Biztory distributes and integrates Tableau, Fivetran, Snowflake and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
We can connect to any legacy system that you'd like to keep. 


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