Tableau for finance

Strategize for growth and innovation thanks to budget efficiencies

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive financially tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data flows and increase the data knowledge of your team. 

Keep a sharp eye on your budget


KPI dashboarding

Visualize profit & loss
Visualize cash flow
Visualize revenue
Get the tools to do accurate financial forecasting
Scenario planning of sales, expenses and cash
Make financial reporting and compliance easier


Keep costs under control

Get granular insights into your cost structure across departments
Visualize personnel costs
Identify cost variance root causes
Visualize supply costs
Visualize inventory costs


Make informed decisions

Customized shareable reports
Give informed advice to management
Justify spending programs

Biztory Money

Keep accounting hassle-free

A clear overview of accounts payable and accounts receivable
Identify and visualize risk metrics
Set up triggers for outliers in expense management


A worldclass product ecosystem

Biztory distributes and integrates Tableau, Fivetran, Snowflake and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We can connect to any legacy system that you'd like to keep. 

Biztory ecosystem


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Accurate data interpretation


Move towards a data culture


Data sharing & visualization


Efficient data integration


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