Modern Analytics for Finance


Biztory provides full-stack financial data strategies and solutions to help organizations accelerate their data journey. Discover how Biztory's approach to modern analytics for finance departments help you solve your finance and accounting puzzles.

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Improve top and bottom line.
Maximize shareholder value.

Granular insights in profit & loss

Identify which departments are under and overperforming. Use these insights to forecast budgets and CAPEX opportunities.

Keep a sharp eye on the cash flow

Thanks to our powerful dashboards, you can be on top of any budget variance.

Structure data & get real insights

Automatically combine, shape and clean data in different formats and from diverse sources. No more data merge hick-ups.

Stay on top of supply and inventory costs

Set up procurement and supply chain analytics. Act on accurate data to make supply chain savings and efficiencies.

Strategize for growth thanks to budget efficiencies

Stay relevant by setting aside efficiency gains to reinvest in innovation.


Maximize the utilization of facilities and personnel

Increase operational efficiency and maximize utilization of opening hours and facilities. Identify where leaner operations are possible.

Long Harbour can now claim to be one of the most data-driven Asset Management firms, using data to punch above their weight class, all the while having a lean operation.

Ruchit Gupta-Chaudary
Head of Systems & Digital Transformation
Long Harbour

Solutions for Financial Analytics

Biztory provides full-stack digital data strategies and solutions to help organizations accelerate their data journey. Give the people within your organization faster access to accurate data from across your business faster, and simplify reporting for your team.

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More eyes, more insights

Share data with a wide range of staff so you can identify even more business opportunities and threats.

Removed data silos

Strategic omnichannel digital banking requires data from different business units to create powerful tools.

True self-service

No more waiting forever on external partners to connect the dots. Or worse: gathering information from Excel files.

Data-driven decisions

Objective high-quality insights that offer a holistic view of the company. Advice the CEO with high-quality insights that offer a holistic view of the company.

Know sooner, decide faster

Know exactly what is going on in the company with powerful dashboards that give you all business performance metrics in minutes. 

Leverage legacy systems

Our tools play well with your legacy hardware and thanks to our expertise the integration will be smooth.

A proven framework for your financial data journey, based on 3 pillars...

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Trust is all about data and culture. An organisation must not only be able to trust their data quality, management and security. It's also very reliant on the culture of how the data is perceived. Working on branding, creating internal communities, and create a democracy data culture.

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Technology focusses on every single piece of software that is used in your organisation. By mapping your today's architecture, we can advise you on how to get the best out of your current stack, and advise you on what we refer to as the Modern Data Stack

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Train puts the emphasis on elevating your team and making them as data-savvy as possible. We have various training programs both on the technical as well as the functional side. We developed a best-in-class Learning Platform  including live support and Consultant.

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