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Modern Analytics for Marketing


With the right data at your fingertips, we help Marketing departments make better business decisions to improve customer experiences, retain and attract new customers, while monitoring the value of each campaign.

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illustraties_3. Departments_marketing__Boost Growth with Data-Driven Marketing

Boost your Growth with Data-Driven Marketing

Build your future organization on more than gut feeling. Remove departmental data silos and bring together internal and external data to attract, engage and delight new and existing customers. 

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Improve your omni-channel strategy

Aggregate data from both online and offline data sources to improve your omni-channel data strategy with data-driven decisions.

Personalize your Customer Experience

Know exactly what’s going on in your customers’ life and provide them with the right products and services for this stage of their life.

Track performance with precision

Get instant feedback on marketing campaign performance with granular data on your marketing and sales efforts.

Increase customer loyalty

Increase CLTV and avoid churn and decrease the cost per lead by delivering word-of-mouth-worthy services and products.

Accelerate acquisition & conversion

Bring together product, sales, and marketing data into a single source of truth so you can convert active users more efficiently.

All your marketing data in one place

Build a marketing data warehouse that integrates all of your crucial marketing data in one central place.

How Biztory helps Marketing departments become data-driven

Give the people within your organization faster access to accurate data from across your business faster, and simplify reporting for your team.

Data Strategy & Vision

Set a direction for your organisation with a data strategy and vision that meets your business requirements.

Engineering & Analytics

Extract, transform and load your cleaned data and unlock impactful insights for the business.

Data Governance & Mesh

Keep your data clean and treat your architecture with the level of democratization it deserves.

Data Culture & Training

Remove data silos and create a data culture company-wide. Upskill your team with the right training.

illustraties_3. Departments_marketing__Closing loop between marketing & sales

Close the loop between marketing & sales

Use data to attribute sales to marketing efforts and campaigns. Understand the value your marketing campaigns and efforts bring to the table... and what value they don't bring.

  • Data-driven campaign attribution
  • Instant campaign feedback
  • Closed-loop reporting for B2B & B2C
  • Accurate insights on ROAS, POAS & ROI

Drive business value, not clicks

If sales are the engine of your company, marketing is the fuel. Get insights beyond the click on key performance indicators that reflect true impact on your business.

  • Customer Lifetime value modeling
  • Dynamic Cost per Acquisition
  • Maximize revenue or profit (or both)
  • Data-informed bidding strategies
  • And more...
illustraties_3. Departments_marketing_Customer journey

Improve customer experiences throughout the entire journey

Identify and adapt to real-time trends in the customer journey with a 360° view of your customer lifecycle. Use data to deliver the right message at the right time, on the right channel.


Build a data culture with intuitive analytics

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive financially tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data flows and increase the data knowledge of your team.

  • Self-service analytics
  • Learn to ask the right questions
  • Higher adoption rate of tools
  • Platform ecosystem with flexibility and choice

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