Conquer new markets on more than a gut feeling

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive tomorrow. Share a trove of insights about your sales and marketing campaigns across teams, set up qualitative data streams, and increase the data knowledge of your team. 

Be the driver of profitability and growth


Keep track of
sales efforts

  • Visualize sales results,
    funnel, revenue,
    and results
  • Keep track of how partners
    are performing
  • Right price setting
  • Gain a better prepared
    negotiation position


Stay on top of
marketing KPIs

  • Gain actionable customer
  • Predict churn and
    customer journeys
  • Granular customer segmentation
  • Set up a correct attribution
    model to optimize
    marketing spend



Strategize for
your growth

  • Identify customer needs,
    market trends, and
    cross-selling opportunities
  • Set aside efficiency gains
    to reinvest in innovation
  • Create new business models
  • Share sales data with your partners and customers

Make informed

  • Customized shareable
    dynamic reports
  • Give informed advice to management
  • Justify funding for sales & marketing improvements
  • Advise the CEO and board with data-driven processes.

A worldclass product ecosystem

Biztory distributes and integrates Tableau, Fivetran, Snowflake and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We can connect to any legacy system that you'd like to keep.

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