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What's our mission?

We build the greatest data teams around the world.

Since 2015 Biztory has been a trusted data partner to its clients to help and guide them in their data and data analytics journey.

With our high level of expertise we’ve been able to help them get answers from their data, easier and faster and help them empower and accelerate their data teams with modern data stack solutions.

What's your mission?

Our clients are collecting all sorts of data through different channels. That data contains valuable information about their business that can make the difference between good or bad business decisions.

As an Analytics Engineer you’ll be their guide in their data journey and help them gain insights from their different data silos by combining those and preparing them for analytical consumption.

What will you do on the job?

You’ll be part of our diverse and enthusiastic team of technical experts who take great pride in gaining knowledge and sharing this with our clients and the people in our team. On this job, you will...

  • Foster a relationship of trust and confidence with your clients as their advisor.
  • Develop, implement and maintain analytical data sets that are easy to use for the analytics team and/or analytical consumption
  • Implement best practices regarding our technologies and concepts such as dbt, Python and SQL to set up a high quality analytics environment
  • Assess and combine different data models to enable insights across them
  • Optimize analytical data infrastructure and pipelines for efficiency, usability and scalability

Who are you?

  • You enjoy gaining new knowledge and sharing this with the rest of the team
  • A perfect understanding and working knowledge of SQL
  • You have 1-3 years relevant experience in analytics engineering
  • Strong understanding of ETL and ELT principles
  • Experience in Snowflake, dbt or Tableau is a big plus
  • You are proficient in EN
  • Knowledge of NL or FR is big plus
  • Living in Belgium or willing to relocate from within EU

So... what's in it for you?

Working at Biztory isn’t only fun and games. It’s also pretty beneficial. Here is a collection of some various benefits. Which ones you get access to depends on location, but we promise – they are all good.

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Flexible hours & Remote work

Early bird or night owl? You'll fit in. Combine remote time with on-site work and find balance in personal and professional life.

Professional Development Days

Enjoy dedicated time for professional development and boost your skills with DataCoach, our best-in-class learning platform.

Career development plans

We cover skills and specialisations for all levels and roles to help you navigate where to focus and what to learn to progress within your career at Biztory.

Competitive benefits & salary

Enjoy a highly competitive salary and benefits such as a pension, company car, health insurance, fuel card, laptop, meal allowance, mobile phone subscription.

Work with top tier clients

Work with a variety of customers. From governmental and innovative SMBs - to some of the biggest enterprises in Europe (and sometimes beyond).

Diversity and inclusion

We know that excellence thrives in environments that are joyful and diverse. That's why everyone in our team can stay true to their authentic selves.

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Where will you work?

With our Belgian team of 35+ consultants we are part of an international team of 100+ consultants active in 4 regions in Europe with clients across the globe.

Our standard communication is in English and we service over 300 customers in Belgium alone and this across different industries. We have a great team vibe and like to play hard whenever possible.


Become part of the greatest data team

📣 Biztory is an award winning data consultancy on a mission to build the greatest data teams around the world. We're always on the lookout for new, bright talent that wants to help us achieve our vision and build our mission.

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What does the hiring process look like?

What you need to know about
the interview process at Biztory.

01. You apply

We review your resume. Within 5 days we reply to you whether you're invited to the interview.

02. Intro Conversation

In this conversation we'll properly introduce ourselves, the company and the job. We’ll talk about your expectations in this position and why Biztory would be a good fit for you

03. Technical Interview

In this conversation we zoom in on your technical skills and competencies. Through a hands-on technical assessment we talk about your technical  knowledge and expertise and how you apply those

04. Final Conversation
In this conversation we’ll talk about your professional ambitions and how Biztory can help you to get there.
05. Offer

When both of us at this point are still convinced it’s a match we’ll make you a financial offer. We’ll discuss conditions and practicals. After this your career at Biztory starts