Become the data heroes of your company

Introduce a data culture today to help your company thrive tomorrow. Share a trove of insights across teams, set up qualitative data streams, and increase the data knowledge of your team. 

Be the driver of profitability, growth and ease


Connect data points across silos

  • Significantly reduce reporting time
  • Visualize all datasets to end-users
  • Process high volumes of data
  • Aggregate data with ease
  • Significantly reduce reporting time
  • Conduct what-if analyses
  • Set up predictive scenarios
self-service analytics

Share data with (external) stakeholders

  • Share data with your suppliers
  • Set up dashboards with real-life sales data and benchmarking against competition
  • Monetize data sets
  • Make everyone aware of potential risks and how they can mitigate them
  • Benchmark your franchises
  • Share data across channels for a seamless customer experience.



Make informed decisions

  • Give informed advice to management
  • Customized shareable reports
  • Visualize risks in a comprehensive way so you get the whole company on board
  • Justify investing programs

Speed up the data process

  • Our tools are built for data analysis with embedded workflows that take away many of the cumbersome data mergings you have with Excel files.
  • Aggregate data without hassle. Combine different data sources and formats in no time.

A worldclass product ecosystem

Biztory distributes and integrates Tableau, Fivetran, Snowflake and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We can connect to any legacy system that you'd like to keep.

Biztory ecosystem

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