Leverage machine learning and
advanced analytics with Data Science

What is data science and why is data science important?

Why Data Science Matters

Do you spend days on data science projects, only to struggle building them into presentations that management can understand? Do you spend more time exploring and understanding your data, before even beginning to write one line of a model? Do you have a hard time working through other departments to get to your data in the first place?

Tableau integrates out of the box with R or Python. It’s designed for you, the domain expert who understands the data. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you effortlessly connect to libraries and packages, import saved models, or write new ones directly into calculations, visualizing them in seconds.

Data Science with Python and R in Tableau

Since its inception, the Tableau mission has been to help people make better decisions by allowing them to see and understand their data. This includes helping organizations solve one of the most pressing challenges in data science today: getting the value of advanced analytical insights into the hands of business decision makers. Industry analysts report that many data science efforts fail to deliver return on investment, a key reason being the communication gap between data science teams and business decision makers. Communicating the process and results of data science work in Tableau can close the gap with accessible interactivity and exploration for business stakeholders.

Build end-to-end solutions with data science

End-to-End Solutions

Building and deploying end-to-end solutions leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics.

Learn more about Python and R for Tableau

R & Python

Integrated with Tableau, testing models in R, Python, or other coding languages, perform simulations, and tune models for enterprise production.

Leverage company data with data science

Solution driven

Working with stakeholders throughout your organization to identify opportunities for leveraging company data to drive business solutions.

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Whenever you want to go beyond traditional analytics our Data Science team is ready to answer your questions. We can support with Predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning and much more to help your case move forward.

Sometimes you need a pair of extra hands and that’s where we come in to achieve fast results with the a high attention to detail and quality solving your business needs.

Clarity about Data Science on our Blueprint

Become a data-driven organization whether you're new to modern, self-service analytics or you need to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of data. You're not just giving people the right tools—Biztory Blueprint will help you to enable the development of new skills, create new behaviors, encourage participation, and recognize achievements to build a thriving data culture within your organization.

Discover more about the blueprint

We curated Tableau's best practices and the expertise of thousands of customers to help you turn repeatable processes into core capabilities and become a data-driven organization. Behind every step in your journey, you’ll have prescriptive, documented guidance to follow. Tableau Blueprint allows you to zoom out to see the big picture and what’s ahead, and also to zoom in on a specific area to fine-tune and improve.

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