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How Generative AI is impacting the Modern Data Stack

October 17 - Düsseldorf

Register for the Biztory “Data Jam 2023” and learn how your organization can leverage disruptive technologies like AI, machine learning and automation for the “Modern Data Stack”.

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Future proof your Cloud Data Stack
to leverage AI

We're at the dawn of a new decade of computing - and profound changes are already underway. As we move toward a cloud-driven future, certain cornerstones must be ensured for an agile, scalable data stack. This must not only be suitable for the multi-cloud environment of today, but also function efficiently in the business world of tomorrow.


Düsseldorf, Germany


October 17, 2023


Invite-only event


What is the Data Jam?

The Biztory "Data Jam" is a live event that brings together data enthusiasts, industry experts and analytics professionals. Interesting and thought-provoking presentations are meant to be the impetus for conversations and discussions. Ergo, Biztory provides you with a platform for one-on-one interaction with other experts.

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of modern analytics and learn how the "Modern Data Stack" is helping companies turn insights from AI, machine learning and automation into potential and trends.

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Meet the speakers

Karl-Heinz Land-1

Karl-Heinz Land

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-07 om 13.05.44

As an international keynote speaker, coach, visionary and author, and insider of the digital transformation, Karl-Heinz Land creates an awareness of the speed, depth and extent of digitization.

Florian Banas, Tableau

Florian Banas (Tableau)


Florian Banas is a Lead Solution Engineer & Team Lead at Tableau (Salesforce). in the DACH and Central Europe region where he helps people see and understand data.

Dr. Nicholas Heck-Grossek

Nicholas Heck-Grossek

One Data logo

Dr. Nicholas Heck-Grossek is a Principal Solution Engineer at One Data. As a statistician and data scientist, he helps you focus on what matters to you specifically.

Data Jam 2023

Agnese Giacomello


Agnese Giacomello is a Senior Analytics Consultant at Biztory with a passion for data visualisation, data science and machine learning. Combining her love for coding with all things data, Agnese continuously explores how recent AI developments can be integrated in our data stack.

Markus Müller

Dr. Markus Müller


Dr. Markus Müller is Biztory's country leader for the DACH region, including Germany & Switzerland. In addition to founding and building his own start-up, Markus worked for many years as a management consultant. He has been working in the field of Big Data, BI and innovative technologies since 2006.



8.45 - 9.15 Registration

9.15 - 9.25 Welcome & Einführung (Dr. Markus Müller)

9.25 - 10.15 Key Note: ““Generative AI - Aufbruch in eine neue Zeit? /  Warum Krise immer auch Chance ist. / Lust auf Zukunft? / Ein Perspektivwechsel” (Karl-Heinz Land)

10.15 - 11.25 Key Note: “(Data-) Productize Your Business - One Data's neuer AI-gestützter Data Product Builder!” (Dr. Nicholas Heck-Grossek, One Data)

11.25 - 11.45 Kaffee Pause zum Netzwerken

11.45 - 12.25 Key Note: "Wie eine rein cloud basierte, performante Datenbank die Basis für Produktinnovationen mit AI im Bankenbereich bildet.” (Snowflake)

12.25 - 13.10 Key Note: "Tableau Pulse - Demokratisierung der GPT im Kontext von Analytik” (Florian Banas, Tableau)

13.10 - 13.40 Key Note: "The Modern Data Stack meets AI - A new era of insights" (Agnese Giacomello, Biztory)

13.40 - 15.00 Zusammenfassung, & Netzwerken mit Finger Food

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