Become data-driven.

As we reach data ubiquity it's not just people inside your firewall using your data but everyone you interact with. It's become an expectation which means customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, regulators and more all relying on you to tell them a story with your data.

We'll cover the main drivers for change, common pitfalls, answer frequently asked questions and spend time understanding different options for monetising your data.

If you find your why you'll will create revenue streams, working efficiencies, enable self-service, automation and provide an enhanced visual experience.

About Tableau.

As the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, the Tableau platform is known for taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping. Plus, the industry-leading enablement resources, training, and global data community offer unparalleled support for our customers and their analytics investments.

Your knowledge expert

He is deeply passionate about helping you find answers in data easier and faster. Geoffrey fell in love with Tableau in 2014 and co-founded Biztory who now support data people across Europe using industry-leading tools like Tableau, Fivetran and Snowflake. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to Geoffrey via LinkedIn if you have any questions. 

Founder & Managing Partner
Geoffrey Smolders
Geoffrey Smolders