Embedded Analytics supporting Government initiatives

Government organisations are under more pressure than ever to increase performance and efficiency - having access to the right data can help provide insights you need to help drive your initiatives. 

Hear from Koenraad Jacob, Head of Data Strategy with the Healthcare department at Flemish Government as he shares how they have embedded analytics to provide other government entities with ways to be informed and make data-driven decisions locally. He’ll also share with you how providing insights to the public can help educate, inform and help constituents. 

By attending this session you’ll learn how leveraging analytics can help you:

  • Optimise pandemic response
  • Drive economic recovery
  • Increase transparency
  • Support the workforce


Koenraad Jacob

Department lead IT & data lead Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid

Your Inspiring Host

Hans Koch
Hans Koch

Country Manager Belgium