Fivetran offers simple, reliable data integration
for analytics teams.

Fivetran is simple and reliable

Fivetran is the smartest way to load data into a warehouse. It offers seamless connectivity to apps and databases. The focus is on analytics and not data engineering. The pre-built schemas offer ready to use analytics and adapt fast to data source changes. 

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Prebuilt connectors

Centralize your warehouse with 150+ and growing connectors.

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Ready to query

No engineering required. These schemas are ready to query.

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Automated Migration

The schemas adapt fast to changing sources, no need for engineering.

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Fully Managed

Scalability is key with sources managed from source to destination.

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SQL transformations

Modeling business logic is possible using SQL

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Incremental updates

Capture changes and deliver incremental updates for all the sources.

We are a full stack provider

We curated our best practices and can help you with a full-stack deployment in your digital analytics strategy. Below you'll find an overview of how we deploy our vision.

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