Advanced Skill-Up: Dashboard Performance

Is your Tableau dashboard slooooow? Watch this Advanced Skill-up and learn how to speed things up by improving performance.

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Is your dashboard sloooow?

Building dashboards in Tableau is great. It's intuitive, and allows you to get answers from data easier... but not always faster. A dashboard with multiple worksheets can sometimes take longer to load. That's a problem, because in a world where two-second response times can lose an audience, performance is crucial.

So how can you make your dashboards run faster? Well, that's what our Advanced Skill-up: Dashboard Performance is all about.


How will you benefit from this Advanced Skill-up?

By joining this free advanced skill-up, you'll learn tips and tricks from Biztory Experts on how to improve your dashboard's performance. After all, having a great dashboard is fantastic, but what if it is lightening fast too? That would really allow you to get answers from data easier, faster.


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Your Inspiring Host

Viktor Van Beersel
Analytics Consultant