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Tableau Blueprint is your methodology for success. We've gathered every aspect of becoming data-driven and focused on separate topics to help you guide towards a perfect data culture.

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Putting data at the center of every conversation.

Become a data-driven organization whether you're new to modern, self-service analytics or you need to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of data. You're not just giving people the right tools—Tableau Blueprint will help you to enable the development of new skills, create new behaviors, encourage participation, and recognize achievements to build a thriving data culture within your organization.


Moving towards a data culture is a journey. We're here to move you into the right direction. The Tableau Blueprint is an actionable step-by-step guide to becoming a data-driven organization. Drive, coordinate, and accelerate organizational change with Tableau’s proven approach.


What is this free online training all about?

We will talk about the vision of your digital transformation. What existing platforms are we looking at? Where do you need us to scope potential use cases and is there already a Center of Excellence in place? 

Join us in this live online Skill-up to learn how to confidently deploy and operate at scale based on our experience with thousands of customers if you’re at the beginning of your journey. If you’re already on the way, use the Tableau Blueprint to evaluate your progress against best practices and identify areas for improvement. You’ll walk away from this session ready to take the first steps in the right direction and understand how the Blueprint can be applied in your organization.

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Matthias Goossens
Customer Success Manager