Web-edit: The Tableau Explorer Experience

Tableau empowers everyone to see and understand their data. On your Tableau site, you can ask and answer everything from the simplest to the most complex questions of your data more intuitively than ever before.

On demand Skill-up

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GET Started as an Explorer on your own Tableau Site!

Your site is your new playground. When you sign into Tableau, the first page you see will include the Projects, Workbooks, Views, or Data Sources menus. As you click these options, each page shows related content you can access. As Creators and Explorers share workbooks, your site will begin to build a content library full of useful data. Exploring this content is easy.

In this 1-hour skill-up, we'll walk you through the following topics:

  • Web-edit | Create your own visualisations and dashboards in the browser
  • Browsing and searching for content
  • Working with favourites
  • Create your own subscriptions
  • Activate data-driven alerts
  • Leverage natural language to get answers from your data
  • How to best share and collaborate

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Your Inspiring Host

Jels De Maeght
Analytics Consultant