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Our consultants are here to help find meaningful patterns in data. From the technical set-up all the way up to the next-level data monetisation business model. We have the right person for the task at hand.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers

No secrets to ETL or SQL. Our Engineers can solve any data challenge.

Analytics Consultants

Analytics Consultants

Designers and developers of your analytical dashboards and data challenges.

Data Architects

Data Architects

They help you craft your modern data stack ready to scale.

Strategic Plan

Strategy Plan

Inspirational thinking and strategic advice for your digital data strategy.

A grasp of our expertise


Next-level dashboarding

Actionable insights
Connect to more data
Sharing is caring
Put your data on the map

Our consultants can create the most creative and beautiful analytics visualisations. With experience across various industries, they will unlock the patterns in your data.

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Data Engineering

A complete picture
Combine, shape, and clean data
Immediate results
Work smarter and faster

A data visualization is only as good as the data you give it. With Data Engineering we work with you to clean, combine, filter, pivot, and enhance your own data. In addition, we help you to choose the right data model and storage. 

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Data Warehouse

Trust for everyone
The right data is used for analysis
Secure and reliable
Scalable data warehousing

Secure and governed access to your data with near-zero maintenance. We help you design your Data Warehouse, simple to use, yet spectacularly powerful.


Embedded Analytics

End-to-end solutions
Integrated into your portal
Extended API knowledge
Solution driven

Do you need to have analytics inside your application? We have tons of references and expertise. From the architecture to the API integration, we got you covered.

Don't know exactly what you need?

Don't worry. We'll help you figure it out. 

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We’re strategists, engineers, and teachers. Ready to jump in at any point of your data journey


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