Modern Data & Analytics Services

Modern Data & Analytics Services


Accelerate your data journey with our services. From data consultancy, to training and full stack managed services to drive your data culture company-wide... We've got you covered. 

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Identify your use case with LABs

We love to prototype together with our customers. Biztory Labs have no predefined outcome, which makes it very interesting to see how far we get by building prototypes together. Based on the foundations we create here, we can define further steps towards success.

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Data Consultancy

Accelerate your journey with data consultancy

Our data consultants take you further. Move from data, to insights to action with Europe's leading analytics team. We help you find answers in data easier and faster.

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Multi-Cloud Modern Data Stack

Enjoy hassle-free full stack support and managed services

Managing the complexities of your data and analytics systems can be a challenging task. We help you save time, resources and money by immersing ourselves in your company and managing architecture, migrations, management and the optimization of your cloud environments.

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Upskill your team with world-class data & analytics training

Upskill your team. Provide data analysts, business users, and everyone else in your organisation with the right skills, knowledge and tools to make better data-driven decisions faster.

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Data Workshops to Boost Your Data Maturity Level

Repeatable and scalable processes through a combination of delivery and knowledge sharing with your team.